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Jesus' Prayer on the Hourglass, published in Rome, 1940

God, be merciful to me a sinner. ( bow )

God, cleanse my sins and have mercy on me. ( bow )

Create me, Lord, have mercy. ( bow )

Without number of sins, Lord, forgive me. ( bow )

Mother of God, Virgin, save me. ( bow )

My holy guardian angel, save me from all evil. ( bow )

Holy Apostle, or martyr, or reverend father, name of the river, or father Basil, pray to God for me. (bow)


For Vespers, Jesus' Prayer:

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me a sinner, 100 , and 25 bows.

For the Supper 50 Jesus' prayers and 12 bows.

For Midnight, Jesus' prayers 100 , and 25 bows.

For Matins, Jesus' prayers 300 , and 50 bows.


For the 1st hour, Jesus' prayers 50 , and 7 bows.


For the 3rd, for the 6th and for the 9th hour, 50 prayers of Jesus, and 7 bows.

For Figurative, Jesus prayers 100 , and 12 bows.

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