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God's touch on man changes man. Under the guise of external well-being, behind the external activity of life often hides an "inner man", for whom the harder it is to breathe, the faster the social life of man. In order to reveal in us "a man who can believe in God," one must acquire and assimilate inner qualities that would make the heart transparent in order for the light of Divine grace to penetrate into it. Then, through the perception of the Tradition of the Church of Christ, an experience of incomparable novelty will enter the soul, an experience incomparable to anything of which the external man is accustomed to live. The tradition of the Church confronts man with an unattainable "other," as a boundless field of experience. Everything, even the smallest, from the experience of Tradition is connected with the Unknown. The fresh wind of Tradition does not linger in the dungeons of consciousness, it returns to man an intimate connection with the world. Tradition tells everyone who really wants to know and be: "It is not enough to be born a man, you still have to give birth to a man in yourself" ... The man of Tradition is a man who has been changed by religious reality. One learns to be what one has not been before. Entering the spiritual tradition of the Church brings an experience of novelty. "And the Spirit of the Lord will come upon you ... and you will become another man" (1 Samuel 10: 6), Scripture says. The ancient holy writer says of Saul that by anointing "God gave him another heart" (1 Samuel 10: 9). In the "fullness of time" gospel, Christ took a publican — and made him an evangelist, met a fisherman — and transformed him into a theologian. But even after a thousand years, seeing people find Christ again and again, the mind understands the eternal novelty of this mystery, which never grows old. And no matter how late in one's life one reaches the church threshold, the Church is still youthful in everyone who comes to her, including the elderly.
Tradition is not a repetition of the same thing. Christ came to awaken the sleeping living, He descended into the realm of mortals to turn the death of people who have already died into a dream that can pass and one day melt into New Life. Tradition speaks of the Eternal, not the past. This does not enslave man of the past, but removes him from the complete domination of the present. Man is by nature a servant. One cannot "calm down" until one finds in one's world such a value that one can place oneself above oneself and devote oneself to serving it. This value can be a child and a family, work and art, service to people and most importantly - to God. Sin does not allow "deep breathing." He does not allow himself to peek for a long time. Interferes with walking. Tradition does not allow us to remain motionless, requiring our movement toward God and entry into Him. "God is the God of the one who wants to gain more if he is forced to do everything at the same time," says the old man from the Ancient Crutch.
The task of man, as understood in Tradition, is to grow beyond the borders of the world. God calls man to "more"; and, on the contrary, immersed in sin and self-giving, man refuses to become more than he is now.
Website «Pro Hereditate Catholica» - «For Catholic heritage" - is a project of priestly Fraternity of Saint Pius X (Fraternitas sacerdotalis Sancti Pii X -
FSSPX) of the Latin Rite, the Brotherhood of St. John the Baptist of the Lord (Fraternitas Sancti Ioannis Praecursoris Domini - FSIPD ) and the Monastery of the Holy and Life-Giving Cross of the Lord according to the Study Statutes (Rigense Greco-catholicum Monasterium Monialium e Regula Studitarum Venerabilis et Vivificantis Crucis Domini) of the Byzantine-Slavic rite.
The creation of the site is a joint initiative of priests and monks of Latin and Byzantine rites, performing their spiritual service on the territory of Latvia and Bulgaria and zealous for the preservation and embodiment of the Catholic tradition. We hope that the site will be useful for those who wish to deepen their knowledge of the traditions of the Catholic Church.



The Brotherhood of St. John the Baptist (Fraternitas Sancti Ioannis Præcursoris Domini - FSIPD) is a pious union of faithful to the traditional Catholic doctrine and liturgy of the Eastern Catholic Churches. For Byzantine Catholics, zealots of the Church Tradition, the Brotherhood is the "spiritual home" of God's city and the "place of salvation," where ministry is based on the traditional Catholic faith, free from neo-modernist and liberal delusions.

The fraternity was founded and blessed by His Eminence Bishop Bernard Felle and the SSPX.

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